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You haven't done Frozen yet, but this can be related to Tangled and The Little Mermaid too. It's not really a fact, but it shuts down a theory. I posted this on the original post as well, but I figured why not spread it?


There’s a theory going around about how Elsa and Anna’s parents died on their way to go see Rapunzel get married, and Ariel later find their sunken ship.

This whole little theory is incorrect. Okay, so in Frozen, Elsa is 21 at the time of her coronation. With the…

I mean… It IS confirmed that Eugene and Rapunzel are AT Elsa’s coronation. Together. Like, seriously. During Anna’s song at the beginning. Did, at any point, say that all of what’s going on in Tangled or Frozen happens at the same time? That would be a no. There’s even a short of Rapunzel and Eugene getting married. Whether that’s before or after Frozen, I dunno. But, I do know that they went to the coronation together.

(I agree that the whole Little Mermaid thing is ridiculous though.)




Anatidaephobia is defined as a pervasive, irrational fear that one is being watched by a duck. “


Chicken…Chica is a chicken….


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as a skinny person, you are catered to and you don’t even realize it. did you ask for that? no and i understand that. but you will never cry your eyes out in a dressing room because even the largest size doesn’t fit. you will never deal with rejection from a guy solely because of your weight. you are socially accepted.

is any kind of body shaming disgusting? yes. but please don’t act like you’d rather be fat. 

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hey everyone!! OMOCAT FALL collection was a great success! we are happy to announce that we had items sell out in just one day!! (some pictured above)

however, due to a technical issue, the shop system did not list all of our items in stock- meaning sold out items will be BACK IN STOCK tomorrow at midnight (or maybe even later today). be sure to check back!

if you have already ordered, your packages will be shipping out within the next few days (and should take about 4-5 days to arrive if you are U.S. domestic.) i hope you love it!!

in other news, OMOCAT will sadly not be able to release a WINTER LINE. i’m going to be working hardcore on OMORI and on a surprise for OCTOBER (it has nothing to do with halloween). however, we will have most of our old items restocked for the holiday season (sometime around november).

this collection was especially fun to bring to life and i’m so grateful to be able to keep doing what i’m doing. this career something i’ve dreamed of ever since i was a child, so thank you for making OMOCAT what it is today!!

until next time!  :)